Atlantic Insurance

ATLANTIC INSURANCE was born out of the vision of its founders to create a new, innovative and forward looking company that would gain a place in the avant-garde of the insurance industry of the island. Ambitious in their goals they endowed the new company with high business ethics and an anthropocentric philosophy. From the outset it was decided that they will seek its success by:

  • Inspiring to its customers confidence and the sense of security
  • Acting always with utmost fairness and absolute responsibility
  • Being at all times in a position to fulfill its obligations without delays
  • Being ready to pre-empt the market and offer the right product at the right time and price.

Today 34 years after its establishment, ATLANTIC with a turnover in 2016 of 21.97 mln Euro and profits of 4.53 mln Euro has become one of the biggest insurance companies of the island. For the last 12 years, contrary to the great majority of the listed companies, ATLANTIC has paid every year a very satisfactory dividend to its shareholders. At present, employing more than 100 highly qualified and competent employees and with easily accessible offices in all the cities.

ATLANTIC is always near its customers ready to provide them with its services. Among its clients, business partners and the insurance professionals, it enjoys the reputation of being one of the most responsible, reliable and competitive insurance companies of the island.

It is in particular famous for the quality and the standard of its services which are generally considered as the best in the market. In addition, ATLANTIC, profitable in every single year of its existence, has built a particularly healthy economic base, unique in the insurance sector. Two objective elements are proof of this reality.

1. As at December 31, 2016 the solvency II ratio of ATLANTIC was at 206.2% compared with the minimum limit of 100% provided by the relevant official regulations.

2. As the insurers of EAC, ATLANTIC settled fully and without any delay the damages suffered by the electricity power station as a result of the Mari explosion of 11.7.2011. The amount paid was 132 mln Euro, by far the highest compensation ever paid in Cyprus.

Based on its successful and creative course ATLANTIC is looking to the future with optimism and with the confidence of maintaining its leadership in the economically and socially important role of the insurance business.